Top 5 augmented reality games

Top 5 augmented reality games

Augmented reality presents us with a whole new world of opportunity – we can explore our world in a totally different way and combined the real world with computer-generated graphics. Imagine objects such as monsters, zombies and cute creatures popping up in front of you as you walk down the street, or as you explore a local park. Game developers have taken advantage of augmented reality to provide us with some awesome and exciting titles for our smartphones and consoles – the following are 5 top games that use augmented reality – enjoy!

1. Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go was one of the first major augmented reality releases that also utilized GPS tracking technology. This amazing game allows you to explore the real world and attempt to catch cute monsters called Pokemon (You have probably watched the TV series or seen the cards!). The augmented reality allows you to view the Pokemon and interact with them in your actual surroundings.

2. Project Tango

Have you ever wanted to fill your room or house with random objects and let your imagination run wild? This is effectively what Project Tango by Google allows you to do! Using the game, you can view your own surroundings through AR, and then place a host of cool objects within it! For instance, if you wanted to redecorate your kitchen, you could try out different appliances and units and put them in place using AR – how cool is that?

3. Real Strike

As the title states, this is a shooting game that allows you to basically run through your streets and local area with a weapon and fight in epic FPS battles! The animation and AR technology is awesome and the selection of weapons to choose from is spot on too. What makes this game even cooler is that you can record your gaming and make some fantastic video clips to share with your friends!

4. Zombies, Run!

This AR title combines fitness and running together with zombie apocalypse survival mechanisms – what could be more fun? The augmented reality plasters realistic zombies onto your screen that you must run away from – turn your morning jog into an exciting escape game! Furthermore, the game also has progression and allows you to build your own base and level up as a character whilst watching the story of the zombie apocalypse unfold.

5. Genesis

If you love tabletop card games such as Yug-hi-o or Pokémon then you will love Genesis! This game actually combines real trading cards together with augmented reality – you can place the trading cards on a hard surface, and an augmented reality monster will pop up out of the card with realistic animations. You can then compete in epic trading card battles against your friends. Just remember that this game is still in its development phase and is currently actively seeking funding!

There you have it – 5 awesome augmented reality games that will provide you with hours of fun. Why not pick up your smartphone and try out these games today and see how far augmented reality has come!

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